iPhone 4S Back Panel Replacement DIY Kit
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Have you cracked or shattered the back panel on your iPhone 4S? Are you looking for a quick easy way to fix the back panel on your iPhone 4S? With our help you are capable of feeling confident while fixing your own iPhone! This do it yourself kit is the most cost effective option for fixing your broken iPhone 4S back panel. With our help, anyone can do this repair! We Fix I Stuff will send you a link to our straightforward step-by-step video that walks you through disassembly to reassembly. Our kit also includes all the necessary parts and tools to complete the job yourself, along with our tailor made instructional parts map. This is the most complete and best iPhone glass screen disassembly and assembly tutorial available. We assure your confidence with our telephone customer support line available 10am-7pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) and our email hotline, available 24/7.


If your iPhone 4S has been in contact with water please let us know, in order to aid us in the repair of your iPhone. To make sure this is your iPhone 4S, turn it over and look for the model number on the back (Model #A1367, A1431 located on the back of your iPhone 4S) Shipping and Handling are included in the price shown. Expedited shipping available upon request. Georgia Residents are subject to 6% sales tax.

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iPhone 4S Back Panel Replacement DIY Kit

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