One Time Use Emergency Cell Phone Chargers (Andriod/Apple)
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Emergency One Time Use Disposable cell phone chargers. Android and Apple. EVERYONE who has a smartphone knows how often these phones go dead. THe batteries are not as good as you need. Now you never have to worry about your phone dying again. Have you ever been out and about and your phone dies? Ever been out in the woods, at a concert, out fishing, walking at the park, skiing in the mountains, snowmobiling, driving down the road, at a baseball game, at a football game, walking in the park, golfing? Literally any of the thousands of activities we do each day, and had your phone die? Well no more. Keep one of these small units in your car, pocket or purse and never be without a full charge again. They may even save your life. Or at least get you home safe in an Uber at the end of the night!

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One Time Use Emergency Cell Phone Chargers (Andriod/Apple)

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